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Mecano RK ROSE+KRIEGER solutions for the mechanical engineering/special machinery industry
Release time: 2023-03-17
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Mechanical Engineering/Special machinery industry solutions

Tailor-made components and systems for you

Empty sorting system made of RK components


RK profiles, pipe connectors and linear technology are ideal for the manufacture of classic and special equipment。The product is modular and can be assembled into a complete solution in the simplest way。

The RK system is very flexible and you can adjust or expand the equipment at any time。For example, the RK special connection technology (which can be connected without machining) allows the product to be assembled piece-by-piece, which not only greatly reduces transportation costs, but also facilitates the maintenance of equipment and systems。RK's wide range of linear technologies and products contribute to factory automation......RK will coordinate everything for you and provide a one-stop service!


RK tube connectors and BLOCAN® profile technology are cost-effective, flexible and a perfect alternative to custom or welded structures。

A major feature is that the profiles/connecting tubes can be spliced without any processing。RK's special connection technology allows the cut profiles to be assembled securely and flexibly。

Equipment frames, operating equipment, safety guards, work platforms, stairs, railings, etc., can be achieved in this way。

Key advantages: Thanks to RK's special connection technology, all components can be disassembled into segments, minimizing the space required for transportation。You can easily retrofit or expand your equipment later by simply shortening or re-cutting the profile/connection pipe。

Rich accessories make the product more perfect。

The equipment frame made of BLOCAN profiles can be flexibly expanded

Large structures can also be realized with RK profiles

The protection device constructed by clip-on profiles is beautiful in shape



The mobile system is realized through linear units, lifting columns and electric cylinders。

Linear technology covers a wide range of linear products: from manually adjusted single - or two-tube units that are used occasionally, to automatic profile shafts that move frequently, to highly dynamic positioning systems that are used continuously。The product range of linear technology also includes electric lifting posts for adjusting the height of workbenches, button boxes, fixtures and medical equipment。Electric cylinders of various sizes and designs help complete your linear technology solution and can be a perfect alternative to pneumatic cylinders。

The RK modular system allows you to easily implement multi-axis structures

Long travel is possible with high load actuators and profiles

A mobile assembly vehicle whose height is adjusted by raising and lowering columns



We are happy to support you with your automation solutions。

In a world of increasingly diverse products and smaller batch sizes, automation can make the production process more flexible and cost-effective for most industries。Production automation reduces setup time, precisely repeats the production process, and ensures consistently high quality。

RK's extensive product range is always at your disposal and adapted to your requirements。If you want to change your equipment to fully automatic mode, or need to adjust the height of your production line/handling system, we have all the expertise to help you do so。

If you need, the entire solution planning, design and production can be completed at RK, customers only need to connect with a contact person, you can get RK one-stop service。

Robot assisted handling system for welding process of engineering equipment

The linear actuators used in the production of laminates can withstand high loads from continuous operation and dust

RK linear actuators and L+B drivers for regulating ground conveyors

Welding rotary table with adjustable height

When precision welding of complex parts, the ergonomic design of the workpiece, equipment/support is particularly important。RK linear technology (lift column, electric cylinder and linear unit) helps with accurate positioning。

Carpet braiding machine

Carpet braiding machine for making fine carpets。Almost the entire basic framework and linear technology is made up of RK standard modules - RK is your one-stop shop!

Multi-axis X-ray inspection system

To detect longitudinal and circumferential welds, we developed an adjustable X-ray inspection system with our customer。Designed and implemented by RK System- & Lineartechnik is in charge。

Pultrusion molding system

Aluminum high-load profiles are characterized by light weight, high bending and torsional stiffness, and can be used to build very lightweight and large equipment frames。The basic frame of this pultrusion system can withstand extremely high loads and flexibly connect various accessories。


We can offer you a wide range of components and solutions

We have a wide range of products, high quality and highly engineered components, a wealth of creativity, knowledge and practical experience to provide you with the best solution。

Mecano - Your eternal choice!

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